Pretty Little Things

It’s back to basics and I’m channeling my minimalist side with this loose fitting outfit.

Shop this top

Shop similar jeans

Even if the shade of color is slightly off , it is very important to have one color hinted throughout to keep the outfit looking slightly matched.

Shop these sandals

Shop these shade

Shop this belt

Accessories can hold big meanings. This is a giving key, a percent of each purchase goes to the homeless and the meaningful words printed on each one are meant to provide focus on a certain characteristic. For example, mine says courage. So, I wear it almost daily and am reminded to be inspired. One day, when you cross paths with someone who needs what your key says, you hand the key to them so they can be inspired and eventually pass the key along just as you did. Find your giving key

The top knot it one of the most common hairstyles, it is popping up in magazines, in runway shows, and in the streets. Along with being trendy, it’s also one of the most easy ways to add some detail to your look. Learn how to create this look

Who doesn’t love catchy mugs? Small home decor adds some personality to any outfit. Shop similar mugs

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