5 Ways to Wear PINK Leggings

1. Work out attire

It’s as simple as the tree pose, pair these simple stretch leggings with your favorite sports bra and roll that yoga mat out!

2. Date night

This outfit felt like a stretch at first but, after puting it on I was LIVING! I snagged my cutest “going out shoes” and a little pop of color and threw my hair back and as you can see I was feeling myself ready to strut into a night out with my bae.

3. Girls day

I often go out with my girl gang, and when I do I like to feel as good as I look. With this long shirt it only made sense to throw some leggings on before heading out!

4. Lazy day

My signature lazy look is the cropped sweatshirt and pony with a scrunchy. This look is SO simple and looks super 90s! But, to keep that “lazy” feel and look leggings are your best move.

5. Campus wear or “to class”

And finally, the everyday/on campus/to class look is all about showing some school spirit! And if you’re like me you LOVE those brand names. So check out VS PINK tonight for new school apparel!

This applies to any and all plain colored leggings but personally I find myself always wearing PINK brand. They have full coverage, unlike many other brands they aren’t see through. They also have the extra stretch to keep that comfy feeling!

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