5 Things You Need In Your Bag This Fall

Happy fall loves! If you’re anything like me you fill your bag up with things (usually unnecessary) because you have attachment to the gems inside. But, with fall knocking on the door there are somethings that really are necessary. Here are my top 5 and links to their sites. Keep all your fall scents and colors by your side this fall! (It’s also a good excuse to upgrade your bag *wink wink*)

Hunger always hits me when I’m at my busiest. Gomacro is the best cure because it’s so yummy and it’s vegan which is also a plus but it’s also packed with protein so it creates a full feeling.

($1.25/ get it at your local grocery store)

I love all of the fall scents but nothing is better than my all time favorite smell. Bombshell is so fresh and you’ll always hear someone saying “wow something smells good”.

($6/ Victoria’s Secret)

I am a lipstick freak! When the fall comes it just gives me an excuse to wear my favorite lip colors. This is one of my favorite right now because it’s fun yet classy and totally appropriate for the fall season.

($5/ Color Pop)

We all have a shared love for the smell of pumpkin. I know you secretly thrive when you walk into Bath and Body Works or White Barn. This is the smell you will live for.

($4/ Bath and Body Works)

Finally, for me fall is always the busiest season. I wouldn’t make it anywhere without my planner. But who likes to carry around a huge yearly planner? This season make sure to get yourself a daily planner. It will make you feel well prepared and confirm your officially adulting.

($13/ OpenSky)

*A few other smart things to carry are blotting pads, mints, tissues, a charger, and an extra pair of panties. (You never know where you might end up)

I hope this was super helpful and inspired some of you to grab some new things to carry around.

Happy fall and remember to stay spooky!



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